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The BEST Business Protection Suite Available - Sheild's Up
Are passwords to your business being sold by hackers on the dark web?
Are Russia and North Korea allowed to connect to your business network?

Antivirus alone is not enough to protect your business. In fact, most antivirus programs are only 85% effective and use technology from the 1990s!

Hackers can buy and sell your business passwords on the dark web. Hackers will try to get through your firewall while you are sleeping. Hackers will create emails to trick your team into giving up passwords or worse, wiring them money
Hackers make $30,000 to $40,000 per month attacking small businesses
What you need is a shield built around your business to protect you from multiple angles. We call it Sheilds Up. Its highly effective, simple, and allows you to sleep at night.
The BEST Email System - Microsoft Office 365
Does it seem like your email is always having problems?
Have you ever been stuck at a Verizon, AT&T, or US Cellular store for 2 hours while they try to get your email to work?
Microsoft has heard the pain of many small businesses and created the best email system in the world. It's called Office 365.
Its as easy as entering a username and password on your smartphone and your email, calendar, and contacts are setup!
Feel comfortable using Outlook, the most common business email program, on your computer, smartphone and the internet
Minimize email distractions with its built in clutter and junk mail filtering
Save on IT expenses because its so much easier for us IT guys to manage than competitors such as Google G Suite or Google Apps
Your Businesess #1 Communication Method Should be on the best system - Microsoft Office 365
Stop wasting time and money on old email systems that break all the time and get the best email system in the world, Microsoft Office 365
IT Strategy
If your business isn't moving forward, it's going backward
When buying a used car, its a good idea to have a mechanic check it over, right? They report back on the tires, brakes, belts, and major parts. Its a simple report that says if the car is worth it or not. We have done the same with small business technology

If your business isn't moving forward, its going backward. There is no thing as costing or riding the wave. Look at the big brands such as Radio Shack, Toys R Us, and Sears. It wasn't 1 day that broke them. It was months and years of not moving forward.
I can remember a time when small business owners would sit down with me and pick the hardware for their computers! Business moves so fast that just doesn't happen anymore.
Technology is complicated enough and then throw cybersecurity in the mix! We've listened and understand small businesses need a technology plan thats simple to understand.
We've listened and understand that small businesses need a technology plan that's simple to understand
We have a simple stoplight; green is good, yellow could use attention, red needs urgent attention. The more green you have, the better your business will run and less downtime you will have
It's that easy!
We provide this report every year FREE to our clients and we start with this FREE report with any new client that starts working with us.
IT Support
68% of requests are resolved in 15 minutes or less
Your normal morning Starbucks stop takes longer than usual. It's Monday and its raining and cold outside. To top it off, your computer won't boot up!
Doesn't technology break at the worst time?
We receive requests for help from our clients via phone, text, and email. Your request is handled by a technician that can start working on your problem right away
In most cases, we screen share with the client and resolve the problem in 15 minutes or less! In certain cases and onsite visit is needed and we are minutes away from clients in our service area
"I've worked with numerous vendors and I love Everyday Technology because they just get it done"
Our technician's don't use techno babble. We've received numerous compliments from clients on how our communication is professional, easy to understand, and refreshing in the IT world
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